Colombia Travel Kit

Jr. Artist Travel Kit

Here is a combined list of Mike and my supplies.  I have focused the essentials with some items marked as *optional to be considered as supplementary supplies.  If there are other items you want to bring, keep in mind the weight and versatile.  Feel free to bring or substitute items according to your preference or experience level.


  • Number 4, 6, 10 watercolour brush Nimbus or similar
  • 1” and ½ flat Nimbus or similar
  • Brush Holder: I use a bamboo wrap Mike uses a telescope brush tube

 Paint:  Pan or tube watercolour are fine – your set should include at least one from each line (additional colours are optional) . Acrylics or other medium should reflect the same colour range and versatility ie: warm/cool transparent /opaque

  1. Cerulean Blue, Phthalo Blue GS, or Windsor Blue GS.
  2. Ultramarine Blue,; Phthalo Blue RS, Windsor Blue RS, or Cobalt Blue
  3. Aureolin Yellow, Lemon Yellow, or Hansa Yellow Light
  4. Quinacridone Gold, Cadmium Yellow; or Gamboge Yellow Light
  5. Alizarin Crimson;  Rose Madder or  Quinacridone Red
  6. Cadmium Red Medium. Windsor Red orVermillion
  7. Burnt Umber or  Raw Umber
  8. Burnt Siena or Raw Siena
  9. Chinese White
  10. Payne’s Grey

*Optional Colours

  1. Naples yellow; Yellow Ochre
  2. Windsor Violet , Mauve Cobalt Violet; Fuchsia
  3. Sap Green, Winsor Green, PthaloThalo Green; hookers Green, or Viridian Green

Watercolour Paper / or Block

140lb cold press/rough watercolour block or pad 9 x 12, 10×14 or 12 x16 (Arches; Saunders; Fabriano are all good brands) spending more to get blocks are nice but not necessary – If you are going to get a block you might get two so that you can be working on a couple of images at the same time.  Working in Pads or on loose 11 x 15 sheets – I would recommend the 300lb paper so stretching is not necessary.

Travel Palette:  Collapsible palettes are great for travel but make sure you have some areas large enough to mix paint.

Collapsible water container:  Something you can hang if you are using an easel is ideal

Carry Bag: one with a shoulder strap or back pack style work well


  • Drawing/ graphic Pencils 4H , 2B, 4B, 6B Pencils – I have been using a mechanical pencil lately which I like because I don’t need to take the time to sharpen pencils – otherwise you will need a sharpener or exacto knife.
  • Journal/Sketch book -­ 5×7 or larger ( must be easy to carry around).  If you want to use this for wet media pleas make sure the paper has been sized ( either a mixed; multi-media or watercolour paper)
  • Drawing pens – a series of 3 or 4 sizes of permanent drawing pens. Faber Castel Pitt/ Copic/ or Microns
  • Eraser – like the soft white erasers or a gum eraser for watercolour and love a Kneedable for drawing.

*Easel and Chair

Very portable easel ( I use a light weight camera tripod with a board the size of my paper or pad.  ***Small collapsible chair ( I stand – Mike squats in a step or finds a comfortable location). I like the standing at an easel for the flexibility it provides + plus I cant sit still or squat like Mike.  Be Careful of the weight – anything you bring you are going to have to carry so conceder that you will have to haul the equipment around


  • Small hair Dryer
  • Masking Tape
  • Masking fluid
  • Ruling pen
  • Small water spray bottle ( Holbein type)
  • Bull Dog clip; elastic bands, hair bands
  • Tiny piece of paraffin wax
  • Exacto knife
  • Drawing Ink
  • Glue Stick (for collage found material to your art journal )
  • Acrylic medium ( to act as a glue or if you are working with acrylics as a slow dry medium.


Hat; sunglasses; suntan location;

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