Supply Lists

As this tour requires our group to be very mobile, the following list has been created for watercolour or acrylic.  Here is a list of what I think you should bring as a compressed supply lists.   Below the bulleted sections are my recommendations if you want to bring a more elaborate set up

Compressed List

  • Small mixed media sketch/drawing book ( can be watercolour or mix media ) do use just an ordinary sketch book because you might find that it can not hold up to any wet media ( you should be able to carry this everywhere you go)
  • Bring a small glue stick ( for sticking tickets and special findings right into your journal)
  • Permanent Drawing pens ( I use the micron one in 3 or 4 sizes) Size does not matter so much but the brush pens can be fun too.
  • Drawing pencils ( I use a technical pencil now – #9 HB or 2B less  that way I don’t need a sharpener )
  • Eraser ( white and kneedable)
  • Collapsable watercolour travel box – or *** Watercolour Pencils ( easy to start with for any level …. but please get good quality one)
  • A few portable brushes – size depends on the size of your paper … bigger paper bigger brushes!
  • pocket Keenex
  • A hat  and sun glasses
  • Sun block
  • and your Camera with extra batteries, sim cards and the Charger


Mark’s List of Supplies







Here is a list of what I bring, but this is not necessary for everyone ( travel light if you can) .

  • Good multi-media or smooth watercolour paper sketch book.  9 x 12 is a size if possible – I would say no smaller thank 6 x 9 though you may want to go bigger to 11 x 14.  I recommend a hard cover if possible as they are more durable but you can add cardboard, leather or other material to the cover to make it more stable and durable.
  • Good quality Mechanical 2b pencil ( these are nice to use because you don’t need a sharpener)
  • Set of Graphic pencils b, 2b, 4b, 6b
  • Sharpener
  • White Eraser (Stadler) and a Kneedable Eraser.
  • Set of permanent drawing pens ranging in size from fine to fat
  • black extra fine tip sharpie and one fine tip sharpie
  • small collapsable/ travel watercolour set
  • 2 or three small travel brushes round and flat
  • 9 x 12 tracing paper
  • Collapsible water container
  • Small roll up painting clothes ( magic clothes )
  • Glue Stick
  • Masking tape
  • Camera/ extra batteries / extra storage cards

Paints for watercolours
For this trip our preferred painting medium will be watercolours or liquid acrylics, which are versatile enough to work with some of our journalling techniques

  • Titanium White, Chinese White
  • Dioxazine Purple
  • Alizarin Crimson or Quinacridone Crimson
  • Cadmium Red Medium or Pyrrole Red or Winsor Red
  • Quinacridone Gold or Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold  (optional)
  • Cadmium Yellow Medium
  • Lemon Yellow or Aureolin Yellow
  • Cobalt Blue
  • French Ultramarine
  • Cerulean Blue Hue
  • Sap Green

Brushes Student synthetic acrylic or watercolour brushes –  Phoenix Art Workshop’s Nimbus Watercolour brushes are perfect for both watercolour and acrylics, are short handled so they won’t take up too much room in your bag, and are very inexpensive, making them perfect for travel.

  • 1” Nimbus Flat
  • 1/2 Nimbus Angle or Flat
  • Nimbus round numbers  2, 4, 6, 8 round or similar

Paper and Pads 

  • 140 lb cold press 12 x 16 watercolour pad or block  (at least 15 sheets)    or 4 sheets of 22″ x 30″ 140lb  watercolour paper cut into quarters.
  • watercolour or mixed media journal small enough to carry with you always, make notes in, or draw quick studies.

Drawing Supplies 

  • Graphic Drawing Pencils  2b,4b, 6b,
  • Kneadable eraser or Soft White eraser
  • 2 or 3 Permanent Drawing pens in a range of sizes .01mm – .08mm  and possibly a brush tip

( Some of the better brands are Micron, Copic, Faber Castel or Sarasa Zebra) Other Supplies

  • Supply Bag / Painting Bag
  • Portable Water container –  Collapsible type is best
  • Collapsible or sealable Palette (non-stick type is best for acrylic)
  • Camera, batteries, charger, and cords to download to computer memory stick for copying pictures
  • Camera instructions if you are unfamiliar with or want to experiment with expanded features.
  • Small pair of scissors
  • Good quality Glue stick (UHU or your favorite)
  • 1” masking tape Roll

Optional Materials

  • White gel pen or grease/wax pencil (These will be provided for sharing if you prefer not to bring.)
  • Masking Fluid (for watercolours)
  • Charcoal Pencils:  hard and soft

I bring a Portable Easel (camera tripod) that I fit a board onto.  I mostly work standing so I don’t bring a chair.  On this trip I would suggest leaving all these extras at home unless you can make it ULTRA LIGHT WEIGHT.   We will be working small so it is possible to work from your lap, from a cafe’, sitting on a street corner ….but if you have questions please call us to discuss.


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